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How do I get free MYTV?

By: Clyde Raymond WhitledgeUpdated: November 19, 2020


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To apply, all you'll need to do is to fill up a form here by providing your personal details including your IC number. Alternatively, you may call MYTV at 1800-18-1088 or 1300-80-6988. For those that have registered but have yet to receive their free decoder may check their status on the same site.

Similarly, how do I set up MYTV?

Here's the initial steps to install MYTV decoder.
  1. Install the (indoor or outdoor) UHF aerial at a proper location.
  2. Connect the UHF aerial cable to ANT IN port at the back of the decoder.
  3. Plug in the HDMI/RCA cable to the port at the back of the decoder and connect to the television.

Additionally, how do I unsubscribe from channels on MYTV?

How to Activate/Deactivate Dialog Television Channels via the
  1. Open the MyDialog App. [00:03]
  2. Go to Channels. [00:08]
  3. Select a category. [00:14]
  4. Select the Channel you would like to activate. [00:18]
  5. Tap on Activate. [00:22]
  6. Select the channel you would like to Deactivate. [00:30]
  7. Tap on Deactivate. [00:33]

Does my Freeview TV need an aerial?

Yes, you need an aerial to receive Freeview on TV. If you already have an aerial, make sure the cables are undamaged and connected to the aerial point in your home. The aerial needs to be securely plugged into the socket in the back of your Freeview TV or recorder.

How do I install free TV decoder?

Free-to-air TV: How do I install a digital decoder?
  1. Remove the aerial cable from the back of the TV set and connect it to the socket marked ANT IN on the digital decoder.
  2. Connect one end of the video lead to the socket marked TV on the decoder and the other end to the TV.
  3. Plug the power leads on your decoder and TV into a wall power socket.


Why does MYTV have no signal?

First check that your TV is set to the correct Source or Input, try changing the Source or Input to AV, TV, Digital TV or DTV if you haven't already. If your “No Signal” message is not due to incorrect Source or Input being selected, then it's most likely caused by a set up or antenna fault.

What is MYTV decoder?

One such decoder is called MYTV Basic which is given for free to select Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) recipients residing within myFreeview coverage areas. As for the actual retail decoder, it is called MYTV Advance which is equipped with a LAN port for Internet connectivity, alongside support for Dolby Audio.

How do I scan MYTV decoder?

Power ON the decoder and press MENU on the remote controller. Choose INSTALLATION and press “OK” on the remote and input password (0000) which is a default strong decoder password. Choose “MANUAL SCAN”. Scroll on FREQUENCY and press any number on the remote.

How do I update my TV channels?

How do I retune my TV?
  1. Press menu on your box or TV remote control.
  2. Select set up, installation, update, or a similar option.
  3. Select first-time installation (sometimes called factory reset, full retune or default settings).
  4. Press OK if your equipment asks if it's OK to delete existing channels, then your retune should start automatically.

How do I use WIFI on MYTV?

Just plug in the included antenna, place myTV Wi-Fi where you can receive a good Freeview DVB-T signal and enjoy live digital TV on your mobile tablet or smartphone. myTV Wi-Fi does not require 3G or 4G connection, so you do not get charged and use up your data plan.

What is DDTV?

DDTV (Direct Digital TV, frequently mistaken for Dan Diaconescu TV) was a TV channel owned by Dan Diaconescu. It was launched on 23 August 2009, as the second station owned by Diaconescu, besides OTV.

How can I watch TV from my laptop?

Luckily, you can still view live television on your computer. You have two options: Plug a TV tuner device—which catches broadcasts like an antenna does—into a USB port, or stream shows through your web browser.

How do I subscribe to dialog channels?

Activation & Deactivation
  1. Activate : Type ON <Your Dialog Television account number> <Channel no> and send to 077 0 679 679.
  2. Deactivate : Type OFF <Your Dialog Television account number> <Channel no> and send to 077 0 679 679.

How can I watch TV on my mobile?

You can watch live TV channels on your Android devices using the JioTV app available for free download on the Google Play Store app. You can use your Jio ID and password to log in to the app and watch over 600+ live TV channels. You can also use your Jio number and log in using the OTP received on your Jio number.

How do I cancel my MyTv rental charge?

How do I activate/deactivate individual channels by myself?
  1. Via My Account Portal.
  2. Via MyDialog App.
  3. Activation & Deactivation from your Dialog Mobile. Activate : Type ON(space)Your Dialog Television account number(space)channel no and send to 679.
  4. From Other networks.

How do I reconnect my Dialog TV for 24 hours?

Via USSD. Dial #679# from your Dialog mobile, select the Activations option and follow instructions.

How do I block dialog channels?

Activation & Deactivation
  1. Activate : Type ON <Your Dialog Television account number> <Channel no> and send to 077 0 679 679.
  2. Deactivate : Type OFF <Your Dialog Television account number> <Channel no> and send to 077 0 679 679.