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How do I fix error 0x800CCC0F in Windows Live Mail?

By: Raja SankarUpdated: January 30, 2021


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Fixing Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800CCC0F
  1. Change the Ports.
  2. Temporarily Disable Your Third-Party Antivirus Solution.
  3. Scan Your PC for Malware.
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall Windows Live Mail.
  5. Troubleshoot Your Network Problems.
  6. Re-install Your Network Adapter Driver.
  7. Update the Network Adapter Driver.
  8. Open Your Windows Live Mail Account on Another PC.

Furthermore, how do I fix 0x800CCC0F?

Common ways to fix outlook error 0x800ccc0f
  1. Check for connectivity issues.
  2. Disable anti-virus and Windows firewall.
  3. Check Outlook profile settings.
  4. Clear up suspicious emails from Outlook and Outlook Outbox.
  5. Verify your router's MTU.
  6. Start MS Outlook in Safe mode.
  7. Use Inbox Repair Tool.
  8. Convert OST to PST.

Likewise, what does error 0x800CCC0F mean?

Error code 0x800CCC0F is generated when sending mail from Microsoft Outlook. CAUSE. This error is generated because the mail client (Outlook) is unable to contact the MailEnable server. The most likely reason is because a firewall is preventing connectivity between the client and the server.

How do I get rid of Windows Live Mail error?

How to fix the error
  1. Open your Windows Live mail program.
  2. Select the Home tab at the top right of your Windows Live Mail.
  3. Click the Outbox to the left. Find any emails that are not sending out.
  4. Once you send the email again, you can delete the email in the Outbox. The error will go away after the sent email is deleted.

Why is Windows Live Mail not working?

Try to run Windows Live Mail as Administrator in compatibility mode. Try to re-configure the Windows Live Mail account. Remove the existing WLM account and create a new one. Try reinstalling Windows Essentials 2012 on your Windows 10.


Can I reinstall Windows Live Mail?

How do You Reinstall Windows Live Mail? If by mistake you have uninstall your windows live mail but you want to reinstall it back to your PC or Laptop. Click Start then All Programs, Recovery Manager, and then Recovery Manager again. Click Software Program Reinstallation, Under I need help immediately.

Can't send emails but can receive in Windows Live Mail?

Go to Windows Live Mail, and open Accounts tab > Properties > Advanced tab. On the box next to Incoming mail, enter 465, and make sure that the checkbox is ticked. 465 is the standard SMTP port for secured, authenticated outgoing mail. No mail server will deliver incoming mail over port 465.

Can I get Windows Live Mail on Windows 10?

Some people still prefer using Live Mail 2012, before using Mail universal app. But unfortunately, Live Mail was 'buried' in Windows 7, and it doesn't come with Windows 10. But even if it isn't pre-installed in Windows 10, Windows Live Mail is still compatible with Microsoft's newest operating system.

How do I fix error 0x8007007A?

How to fix Windows Live Mail error 0x8007007A
  1. Switch your email server to another email client.
  2. Delete Pending emails from Outbox.
  3. Send Images as Attachment, not Album.
  4. Remove and reconfigure WLM account.
  5. Fix Windows Live Mail.

How do I fix pop3 server error?

Depending on the POP3 Error, a user who sees this type of error will either not be able to send e-mail out or receive e-mails in.

Solutions for a POP3 Error
  1. Open up your anti-virus software program.
  2. Select to scan your entire PC and all its files.
  3. Delete any viruses found.
  4. Restart your computer.

How do I fix Outlook send and receive errors?

Steps to Fix Send/Receive Error in MS Outlook or Outlook Express
  1. Real-Time Case of Email Error (Send/Receive):
  2. Check Point 1: Assure the availability of Internet Connection.
  3. Check Point 2: Remove the bad settings of Outlook email accounts.
  4. Check Point 3: Remove Garbage/Suspicious Emails.
  5. Check Point 5: Set Right Priority for Firewall Software.

How do I stop send/receive error in Outlook?

There are various methods to fix Outlook send receive error, some of them are mentioned below:
  1. Check the availability of the Internet Connection.
  2. Confirm the correct Outlook email settings.
  3. Remove the suspicious emails from the mailbox.
  4. Remove the corrupted email profiles from MS Outlook.
  5. Avoid clash with Antivirus software.

What is scanpst EXE?

The Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe) is designed to help repair problems that are associated with personal folder (. pst) files. The Inbox Repair tool is automatically installed with all English-language Microsoft Outlook installation options depending on your operating system.

How do I fix error 0x80042109?

Follow these instructions and we should be good to go:
  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Choose Tools.
  3. Open Account Settings.
  4. Double-click on the troubled email address.
  5. Choose More Settings.
  6. Open Advanced.
  7. Set Outgoing server SMTP port to 587 and select TLS encryption.
  8. Confirm selection and look for changes.

Is Windows Live Mail still supported?

Windows Live Mail 2012 will not stop working, and you can still use it to download emails from any standard email service. However, Microsoft is moving all its own email services – Office 365, Hotmail, Live Mail, MSN Mail, etc – to a single codebase at

What is the best alternative to Windows Live Mail?

5 best alternatives to Windows Live Mail (free and paid)
  • Microsoft Office Outlook (paid) The first alternative to Windows Live Mail is not a free program, but a paid one.
  • 2. Mail and Calendar (free) The Mail and Calendar app is developed by Microsoft and comes bundled with Windows 10.
  • eM Client (free and paid)
  • Mailbird (free and paid)
  • Thunderbird (free and open-source)