How do I find out what year my Ifor Williams trailer is?

By: Nick NikitinUpdated: March 09, 2021


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Ifor Williams, Richardson and Rice trailers have the serial number stamped on the A-frame, on Ifor Williams's trailers it is on top of the right-hand drawbar A-frame. To find out the year of manufacture, contact the maker, or the National Plant & Equipment Register (TER) for trailers built since 1995, with this number.

Keeping this in consideration, what are Ifor Williams trailers made from?

The galvanized steel chassis and drawbar offer unbeatable corrosion protection. Couple this with the high strength, impact-resistant aluminium side panels, these trailers will often outlast the vehicles that tow them.

Additionally, how much does an Ifor Williams trailer weigh?

Model Tyres Unladen Weight
HB403 155R13C/165R13C 767kg
HB506 165R13C 920kg
HB511 165R13C 1000kg

How much does a Ifor Williams 505 weight?


How can you tell how old a trailer is?

How can you tell year of trailer. 10th digit in VIN code is last 'digit' of the model year. If the tenth digit in the VIN was an 8, then the trailer was made in 2008. The model year digit is the tenth digit.


How can you tell what year a trailer is by the Vin?

The 10th character in the 17-character VIN represents the vehicle model-year.
  1. This standard applies to vehicles built in or after 1981.
  2. Note: VINs do not include the letters I (i), O (o), Q (q), U (u) or Z (z), or the number 0, so that they will not be confused with similar looking numbers/letters.

How do I read my Ifor Williams serial number?

All Ifor Williams Trailers serial numbers begin with the prefix SCK. This example is printed with the full 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The last 6 or 7 digits represent the serial number depending on the age and model of your trailer.

Where are serial numbers on trailers?

Every trailer we manufacture is fitted with a type plate; this will have a unique serial number printed on it by multi-dot punching. The type plate is usually positioned on the trailer drawbar.

How do I know if my Ifor Williams trailer is stolen?

Well-Known Member. As Gucci_B says, ring Ifor Williams to check the trailer out. If you get the serial number and ID number from the trailer (on the tow bar), they can tell you who the registered owner is (or was when it was first purchased), the colour, year of make and whether or not it is / has been stolen.

Where is the serial number on Ifor Williams trailer?

Your trailer will have two or three identification plates which are typically attached to the right hand side of the drawbar. These plates contain important information including the trailers serial number (also known as VIN number) and its max gross weight.

Where are Ifor Williams trailers made?

Ifor Williams Trailers are the United Kingdom's largest manufacturer of trailers under 3,500 kilograms (7,700 lb), based in Corwen, Denbighshire, North Wales.

What is the difference between Ifor Williams 505 and 510?

New User. The 510 is higher wider and longer than the 505. I have fitted horses who take 6 9 rugs into a 505.

How much does an Ifor Williams 510 trailer weight?

Internal Length 3.47m (136 1/2")
Overall Width * 2.25m (88 1/2")
Overall Height * 2.77m (109")
Max. Gross Weight 2584kg
Unladen Weight ** 1000kg

How much towing capacity do I need for a two horse trailer?

You need to control for that.” In other words, if your loaded horse trailer weighs around 4,000 pounds, then you'll need a tow vehicle with a GTWR of about 5,000 pounds.

How heavy is a single horse trailer?

Fully loaded, your single horse trailer will only weight about 4,100 lbs. This will allow you to buy a smaller, less powerful, and hence less expensive truck or SUV.

Are Ifor Williams trailers braked?

The Braked Q Trailer is a compact, convenient but robust trailer designed with domestic, agricultural and commercial users in mind. These trailers can be pulled by the majority of cars with a maximum gross weight of 1000kg. The treadplate floor ensures the trailer is easily cleaned.

How heavy is a horsebox?

As an example, our 7.5 tonne Compact Helios horsebox weighs 4.7 tonnes (unladen weight) with a quarter tank of fuel and water. So the math is 7.5 tonne – 4.7 tonne = payload of 2.8 tonnes.

Can my car tow a horse trailer?

The majority of horse trailers and tow vehicle combinations exceed 3,500kg (most 4wd tow vehicles exceed 3,500kg). When towing larger trailers that have brakes fitted, the weight of the trailer should not (as a rule of thumb) exceed 85% of the kerb weight of the towing vehicle.

What does unladen weight mean?

The unladen weight of any vehicle is the weight of the vehicle when it's not carrying any passengers, goods or other items. It includes the body and all parts normally used with the vehicle or trailer when it's used on a road.

How much does a livestock trailer weigh?

Trailer Weight Chart
Trailer Type Average Empty Weight (lbs.) Empty Weight Range (lbs.)
Dump Trailer 4,500 1,100 to 10,100
Large Travel Trailer 6,700 4,500 to 8,700
Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer 7,200 4,700 to 10,400
Large Livestock Trailer 7,300 4,200 to 10,900