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How do I buy Tnhb flats?

By: Karen Hoff AmspacherUpdated: April 02, 2021


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Application Procedure for TNHB flats
In order to apply for buying readymade apartments developed by Tamil Nadu Housing Board, an individual needs to issue a demand draft in favor of the executive Engineer concerned and procure the application form.

Moreover, how do I apply for a Tnhb plot?

After due filling up, you must register the application form with the respective Division/Unit office on payment of prescribed registration fee (either by cash or by Demand Draft) on or before the due date indicated in the application form/advertisement. Who are eligible to get allotment in TNHB Scheme?

Likewise, how wealthy is Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is the tenth largest Indian state by area and the sixth largest by population. The economy of Tamil Nadu is the second-largest state economy in India with ₹18.54 lakh crore (US$260 billion) in gross domestic product with a per capita GDP of ₹214,000 (US$3,000).

What is LIG MIG and HIG?

HIG stands for High income group;LIG stands for Low income group. On the same basis,MIG or Middle income group and EWS or economically weaker sections are categorised.

What is the meaning of Housing Board?

Housing Boards in the various states of India have been by the government of the country to expand the property market and to develop well-planned and ideally located colonies. They aim at carrying out well organized and aesthetically designed development programs across the country.