How did Henry Moore became an artist?

By: Patrick McvayUpdated: February 27, 2021


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From the age of three Moore attended his local elementary school in Temple Street, where his teacher John Holland first noticed he had a facility for drawing. By the age of 11, after a hearig a story about Michelangelo at Sunday school, Moore had decided he wanted to be a sculptor.

Considering this, what type of artist was Henry Moore?

Modern art

Also, how many sculptures did Henry Moore make?

36 sculptures

What does Henry Moore do?

Visual Artist

What did Henry Moore use to draw?

Henry Moore is best known for his sculpture: for his large scale bronze works on display in cities throughout the world, for his semi-abstact carvings and representations of the female form.


What was Henry Moore inspired by?

In 1921 Henry Moore moved to London to study at the Royal Academy of Art. He visited the British Museum and was inspired by sculptures from Ancient Egypt, Africa and Mexico he saw there.

How old is Henry Moore?

88 years (1898–1986)

Why did Henry Moore draw sheep?

He drew the sheep again that summer after they were shorn, when he could see the shapes of the bodies which had been covered with wool. Henry Moore originally presented the sketchbook to his daughter Mary. The sheep came very close to the window, attracting his attention, and he began to draw them.

Who married Henry Moore?

Irina Radetsky
m. 1929–1986

Where is Henry Moore buried?

St. Paul's Cathedral, City of London, United Kingdom

Where can you find Henry Moore's work?

The works of Henry Moore can be found in hundreds of galleries, museums and public spaces, in 38 countries around the world. There are hundreds of works by Henry Moore on public view around the globe.

How did Henry Moore get injured?

He was injured in 1917 by a gas attack during the Battle of Cambrai. In 1919, thanks to an ex-serviceman's grant, Moore became a student at the Leeds School of Art. He went on to attend the Royal College of Art in London in 1921.

Where did Henry Moore go to school?

Leeds Arts University
Royal College of Art
Castleford Academy

Which tool is the sculptor likely to use first when carving a stone?

Later cultures devised animal, human-animal and abstract forms in stone. The earliest cultures used abrasive techniques, and modern technology employs pneumatic hammers and other devices. But for most of human history, sculptors used hammer and chisel as the basic tools for carving stone.

How did the Second World War affect Henry Moore?

When his Hampstead studio was bombed and work on his giant sculptures proved impossible, the artist Henry Moore took to recording the damage of the Blitz. The resulting drawings of Londoners huddling for safety in the Underground proved some of the most moving examples of how the conflict affected everyday life.

What is Henry Moore best known for?

Henry Spencer Moore OM CH FBA (30 July 1898 – 31 August 1986) was an English artist. He is best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art.

Did Henry Moore have children?

Mary Moore

What is the subject most commonly represented by the British sculptor Henry Moore?

Henry Moore
Known for Sculpture, drawing, graphics, textiles
Notable work Reclining Figures, 1930s–1980s
Movement Bronze Sculpture, Modernism
Awards OM CH FBA