Do you need a Licence to fish in Ireland?

By: Michael DoranUpdated: January 12, 2021


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Do I need a licence to fish in Ireland? While no licence is needed for trout, pike and coarse fishing in the Republic of Ireland, a rod licence is required in Northern Ireland. In both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, licences are required for salmon and sea trout fishing.

Correspondingly, where can I fish in Ireland?

10 Best Spots For Fishing In Ireland
  1. Strabane, County Tyrone.
  2. Donegal Bay.
  3. Waterville, County Kerry.
  4. Delphi, County Mayo.
  5. Lough Muckno, County Monaghan.
  6. River Rye, County Kildare.
  7. Screebe House, Connemara, County Galway.
  8. Lagan River, County Antrim.

Are spearguns legal in Ireland?

Re: Spearfishing is it legal in the Sea in Ireland
Pneumatic spearguns are classed as Firearms. If you have a rubber powered gun you are fine. Scuba divers cannot collect shellfish according to Byelaw 533/1967 but its legal on freediving and snorkelling.

What kind of fish are in Ireland?

Bass is the most sought after fish in Ireland. Black Bass includes the entire range of Bass fish like Pike, Muskellunge, Perch, Trout, Carp, Salmon, and Sunfish. Getting a hold of Atlantic Salmon is every fishermen's dream! A very popular sport fish with wreck and reef anglers.

What is the most common fish in Ireland?

Bass is the most sought after fish in Ireland. Black Bass includes the entire range of Bass fish like Pike, Muskellunge, Perch, Trout, Carp, Salmon, and Sunfish. Getting a hold of Atlantic Salmon is every fishermen's dream!


What is match fishing?

All in! Once the match is underway, all anglers start fishing in a bid to catch the best weight of fish from their peg, within their allocated zone. They must choose the the right tactics to suit the peg they have chosen, and under the pressure of the match, they must be able to adapt to changing conditions.

Who owns rivers in Ireland?

Lakes like Lough Corrib and Lough Mask, which were owned by the Crown Fisheries, were handed over to the Irish people. The ESB owns the Shannon and many other lakes and rivers are in public ownership.

Can I fish in Ireland?

In the Republic of Ireland State Salmon and Sea Trout Licences are available as a National licence or a District Licence. It should be noted that a licence does not confer the right to fish for salmon or sea trout and that permission or permits are required to fish most waters.

Is there salmon in Ireland?

Salmon Fishing in Ireland. The Atlantic Salmon (“Bradán” in Gaelic), is a native Irish fish. Most rivers get a run of salmon from Spring until Autumn. Salmon can be caught in Irish waters from January through to October.

How much is a fishing Licence in Ireland?

A licence does not confer the right to fish; a fishing permit is usually required and must be obtained separately. A fishing permit generally costs from €20 to €50 per day.

Do you need a license to fish bass?

A saltwater license does not give someone permission to fish in freshwater lakes and streams, and vice versa. In some other states like California, you are not required to purchase a fishing license if you are fishing on a public pier.

Why do you need a fishing Licence?

I'm often asked “why do I need to buy a rod licence, what do I get for my £27?” Apart from it being the law for anyone fishing for migratory and freshwater fish, the income from rod licence sales funds vital work to protect and improve England's fisheries.

How much is a fishing Licence in Northern Ireland?

In 2016, the Season fishing rod licence costs £17 (GBP) and the Season fishing permit costs £77 (GBP) for game fishing and £28.50 (GBP) for coarse fishing.

When can you river fish?

Rivers, streams, drains or waterways (other than canals)
You can't fish for coarse fish and eels on rivers from the 15 March to 15 June (you can fish for eel in some areas - read the local byelaws). You need to read the local byelaws for close seasons for salmon, brown trout and rainbow trout on rivers.

What does coarse fishing mean?

In the United Kingdom and Ireland coarse fishing (Irish: garbhiascaireacht, Welsh: pysgota bras) refers to angling for freshwater fish which are traditionally considered undesirable as a food or game fish.

Are carp coarse fish?

Coarse (freshwater) fish
15 small fish (up to 20cm) including barbel, chub, common bream, common carp, crucian carp, dace, perch, rudd, silver bream, roach, smelt and tench.

Where is the best salmon fishing in Ireland?

Rivers such as the Munster Blackwater, Laune, Erriff, Moy, Drowes and Finn provide very good salmon fishing for both visiting and indigenous anglers.

What is good about fishing?

Being outside and being active helps to make you feel better and encourages a healthier way of life. Driving to your local grocery store and fast food restaurant might be convenient, but fishing can also help you burn those unwanted calories, increase the quality of your lifestyle, and add years to your life.