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Do Kaori and Kousei get together?

By: Mathias KureUpdated: January 21, 2021


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Kaori Miyazono
Kaori took up playing the violin hoping to perform with Kousei one day. Throughout their time together, they had many instances in which Kousei slowly gained feelings for Kaori. At the end, Kaori wrote that she was in love with not Watari, but Kousei.

Also, what did Kaori die of?

It is unknown what illness that Kaori suffered from, but fans of the series have hypothesized that she had suffered from Bone Marrow Failure, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Friedreich's Ataxia.

Additionally, what sickness does Kaori have?

What Is Friedreich's Ataxia? Friedreich's ataxia is a rare genetic disease that causes difficulty walking, a loss of sensation in the arms and legs, and impaired speech. It's also known as spinocerebellar degeneration.

Does Kaori like Watari?

Kaori gave an affirmative to being asked if she "likes" Kousei and Watari even says that he has thought as much, meaning that he actually suspected it then. Thus Kaori never admitted to Watari, so as a technicality, Watari never knew for sure.

Is Kousei deaf?

Overview: Kousei is a retired pianist and a junior high school student. He stops playing the piano after his mother dies and he becomes tone deaf.


Is Your lie in April sad?

Since I already knew what was already going to happen at the end of Your Lie In April, it wasn't as emotional. With Anohana though, I had no prior knowledge about what was going to happen at the end of the series, so it was very emotional for me personally. In conclusion, Your Lie In April is quite emotional/sad.

What was Kaori's lie?

At the end of the series, in Kaori's letter, it is revealed that she had a crush on Kousei since they had been young and that she had lied about her crush on Watari just so she could be near Kousei.

Did Kaori know Kousei liked her?

Did Kaori know that Arima liked her? Yes she did. At first while attempting to make a lie like that after understanding she doesn't have much time. She didn't know that it would reach him or she can get close to him or here the main question.

Will there be a season 2 of your lie in April?

Arima will do anything to let a kaori revive! Nah there's no way season 2 will be made because it does not make sense The title of the anime is very clear The ending does not leave any hope for a 2nd season but a hope in Kousei's life after Kaori's death.

Did Kaori really die?

On the day of Kousei's piano competition, Kaori underwent surgery. But despite the doctor's efforts, she died on the 18th of February at the age of fourteen. At her funeral, her letter was given to Kousei by Yoshiyuki Miyazono and Ryouko Miyazono (Kaori's parents).

Does Nagi like Kousei?

In the later parts of the anime, Nagi warms up to Kousei, comforting and trying to make him smile while he was upset. Nagi holds deep respect for Kousei and admires him for his piano playing skills.

Does Kousei have PTSD?

Kousei Arima has actually experienced an extreme form of mental scarring that developed a mental disorder in him called PTSD.

Why can't Arima hear the notes?

The reason is because of the psychological trauma he suffered from being forced by his mother to play exactly as the notes book dictates and punish him for every wrong notes.

Why can't Kousei hear the piano?

Following the death of his mother, he lived for two years without playing the piano and saw the world in monochrome. As a result of his mothers passing, Kousei clames that each time he plays, he feels stuck deep underwater and is inable to hear not the keys but the actual chords playing.

Did Arima Kousei win?

The judges completely forgot what mistakes Arima made previously as they were awed by his performance. The show was set for Arima's victory. He won the music competition, as soon as he received his trophy he ran to check on Kaori.

How old is Kousei?

Kousei Arima
Birthday March 28 (Aries)
Age 14-15 (main series) 16 (coda)
Status Alive
Relatives Takahiko Arima (father) Saki Arima (mother; deceased) Hiroko Seto (guardian)

Is March comes in like a lion a sequel to your lie in April?

Nick Robinson on Twitter: "is March Comes in like a Lion a prequel to Your Lie in April"

What does Elohim Essaim mean?

'Elohim' seems to be Hebrew for 'Gods' while 'essaim' is French for swarm. One interpretation is that Kaori is 'imploring' the Gods for power, or for her music to reach the audience as is emphasized so much in the anime.

How old are the characters in your lie in April?

Kousei Arima
Birthday March 28 (Aries)
Age 14-15 (main series) 16 (coda)
Status Alive
Relatives Takahiko Arima (father) Saki Arima (mother; deceased) Hiroko Seto (guardian)