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Do Bora extractors work?

By: Monica RoseUpdated: January 10, 2021


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    September 26, 2022
The BORA extractor system is incredibly efficient; it has achieved a 'cleanrate' of 100%, meaning that all odours, grease and cooking particles are extracted from the cooking area.

Thereof, can Downdraft Extractor be used with gas hob?

Yes, downdraft extractors can be used with gas hobs. This means that a downdraft extractor on a gas hob needs to be even more powerful. So, with a downdraft extractor that is mounted flush with the cooktop, removing smoke, steam and air from the brim of a saucepan can pose a challenge.

Also, do you need an extractor fan with an induction hob?

Cooking vapours spread differently depending on the hob style. With induction hobs, they travel sideways as well as up, so you'll need a hood that's wider than your hob. For example, if you have a 60cm induction hob, choose a 90cm extractor. With gas, the steam has a candle effect that rises out then up.

Are venting hobs any good?

It's worth noting that venting hobs are only effective to a certain height, some tall pans may still alow vapours to rise above the cross flow and if using a downdraft the pans need to be in front of the downdraft to be effective.

How does Bora extractor work?

How does BORA work? Steam and vapours rise at a maximum speed of one metre per second. The BORA cooktop extracts with cross flow suction that is higher than the speed at which cooking vapours rise. In this way, the cooking vapours and odours are effectively extracted on the cooktop.


Is Gaggenau or Miele better?

Miele and Gaggenau are two of the premium brands in the appliance world. They are more expensive with very high quality and good reliability. Gaggenau focuses on quality first and offers the longest warranty at 10 years if you buy an entire Gaggenau kitchen. Gaggenau is a very distinct, high end and modern look.

How do you clean a Bora induction hob?

If you do need to give your induction hob a clean, harsh chemicals or specialist cleaners won't be required. Hot soapy water and a cloth is usually all you'll need. If you've got a lot of grease around, washing-up liquid will do a fine job. Rinse off the suds and allow the top to dry.

How do you clean a Bora extractor?

5. How can the BORA cooktop extractor be cleaned? All removable parts such as the grease filter, drip tray, air inlet nozzle/cover can be removed easily by hand and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Are downdraft hoods effective?

Limited Effectiveness
Because of their design, downdraft vents work harder than updraft systems to remove air, and are usually ineffective at drawing steam, odors and smoke from burners that are farthest away, and from tall stockpots.

Do recirculating hoods remove steam?

Extraction through ducting is most certainly the most efficient way of removing steam and odours. However, high end hoods from manufacturers like Neff, Rangemaster and Best are powerful enough to provide excellent recirculation and will keep your kitchen steam and odour free whilst you cook.

Do gas hobs need an extractor?

An extractor hood is not a requirement, However it is a good way of eliminating smoke and steam when the hob is in use therefore reducing other problems in the future. I would also mention that only an extractor can be fitted above a hob, No units or shelfs should ever be fitted in this space.

What is the best downdraft extractor?

Best Downdraft Extractors
  1. CDA 3D9BL Touch Control Downdraft Extractor. The CDA 3D9BL is an ultra-stylish and incredibly effective downdraft extractor which hides silently beneath your worktop when it isn't being used.
  2. Neff D95DAP8N0B.
  3. Neff I99L59N0GB.
  4. Bosch Serie 8 DDD97BM60B.
  5. Smeg KDD60VXE-2.

Do extractor fans need to be on an outside wall?

Ducted extractors need access to an external wall so that air can be removed from the building via a pipe (or duct) to the outside. For most ducted hoods, the maximum recommended length of ducting is around 5 metres, though you'll need to reduce this by 1.2 metres for every right angle bend you have.

Are kitchen extractor fans necessary?

The regulations state that if any of the work you are doing in the kitchen is 'building work' – such as an extension – then you must not make ventilation worse than before. If there is no existing ventilation system you will need to install one.

Are extractor fans required in bathrooms?

If your bathroom has an openable window, it does not require an extractor fan to meet building regulations. However, they're generally required in any new build, especially if natural ventilation sources aren't sufficient.

How do downdraft extractor fans work?

A downdraft extractor is a very clever way of removing cooking smells and steam from your hob, without the need to have an overhead extractor, as seen in many homes. The downdraft extractor sits behind your hob and rises out of your worktop when in use, as shown in the video below.

Do you need an extractor above a hob?

An extractor hood is not a requirement, However it is a good way of eliminating smoke and steam when the hob is in use therefore reducing other problems in the future. Steam in particular obviously creates a very damp environment which over time can reduce the lifespan of kitchen units and worktops.