Did Matt Millen get a new heart?

By: Michael RothUpdated: March 02, 2021


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Millen has amyloidosis, a rare disease in which an abnormal protein affected his heart, making it stiff. “My heart was not a pretty sight,” he said. “Essentially, it filled my heart, the muscle, with kind of like sand. He received a new heart on Christmas Eve at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey.

In this manner, how much is Matt Millen worth?

Matt Millen net worth: Matt Millen is an American former professional football player and football executive who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

Also to know, how many Super Bowls did Matt Millen win?

After making the transition to the linebacker position, he went on to play 12 seasons in the league with the Raiders, San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins. Millen was a member of four Super Bowl championship-winning teams, winning at least one with all three clubs he played for.

Where did Matt Millen go to college?

Penn State University

What is wrong with Matt Millen?

Millen, 60, needed the transplant as a result of being diagnosed with amyloidosis, a rare disease in which an abnormal protein known as amyloid builds up in organs with the potential to cause many health issues. In Millen's case, amyloidosis affected his heart.


What's wrong with Matt Millen?

Millen was diagnosed with the rare disease amyloidosis in 2017. Amyloidosis occurs when abnormal proteins called amyloids, produced in the bone marrow, build up in organs or tissue.

Where did Matt Millen have his heart transplant?

Former NFL linebacker and Detroit Lions general manager Matt Millen has undergone a successful heart transplant and is recovering in a New Jersey hospital. "Doctors said the heart was a perfect match and he is doing well," Millen's wife, Pat, told NBC Sports via text. "The surgery went smoothly."

How is Matt Millen's health?

Matt Millen was smiling and as miserable as ever, according to his wife, with his new heart and his improved health. 24 heart transplant. He moved quickly, without needing a break to rest like last year when he couldn't walk 30 feet without pausing. “I feel fine,” he said.

What position did Matt Millen?

Defensive lineman

Is Matt Millen a Hall of Famer?

Matt Millen spent 11 seasons in the NFL. He came to the Raiders in 1980 the season the won Super Bowl XV. He is the only eligible two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback not to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Is Jack Tatum in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

He is also known for a hit he made against New England Patriots wide receiver Darryl Stingley in a 1978 preseason game that paralyzed Stingley from the chest down. A member of the College Football Hall of Fame, Tatum was a unanimous All-American in 1969 and 1970.

Jack Tatum.
Interceptions: 37
Touchdowns: 1
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Who owned the Lions in 1957?

Person Teams To
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Chuck Schmidt Lions 2000

Who did Matt Millen punch?

LA Raiders linebacker Matt Millen punching former New England Patriots general GM Patrick Sullivan after the 1985 divisional-round playoff, where the Patriots pulled off a upset 27-20. Millen was apparently not happy with Sullivan's trash talking of Howie Long during the game.

Is Matt Millen married?

Patricia Millen

Is Lester Hayes a Hall of Famer?

He has never been a Hall-of-Fame finalist. Lester Hayes. Hayes led the NFL with 13 interceptions in 1980 with the Oakland Raiders. He played 10 seasons and went to the Pro Bowl in half of them.

Who has owned the Detroit Lions?

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