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Can you access your texts online?

By: Dan LynnUpdated: April 27, 2021


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    June 26, 2022
If you may have access to a computer, but not your phone, you can still be sure of not missing important text messages and being able to read messages online. Determined by the type of phone you are using, an Android or iOS device, there are good apps which you can use.

Similarly, you may ask, can you text EE?

Our text service allows you to text keywords to 150 to quickly and easily access your account information and manage your account when you can't get online. Below is a list of keywords you can text to manage your pay monthly account.

Likewise, does it cost to send texts abroad EE?

The great news is that all our pay monthly customers on personal plans will benefit from the new standard prices. EE customers with an International add-on will continue to benefit from lower rates, with calls to EU destinations charged at no more than 18p per minute and texts at 6p per message.

How much is a text on EE?

Text messages are charged at 15p per message.

How can I see my husbands text messages without his phone?

Steps to Start Reading His Text Messages
  1. Step 1: Go to Spyic website and register an account using your email address and password.
  2. Step 3: In Android, use the link sent to you to install Spyic on your husband's phone.
  3. Step 4: For iOS, after the confirmation email, you can go straight to login to your Spyic account.


Can I see my husbands texts on Verizon?

1DHOY1? , an account owner does have the ability to see usage details. However, they are not able to see the contents of the messages. The only way the actual user of the line, has the ability to see their own content is by setting up integrated messaging with Verizon Messages +.

Can I access my text messages without my phone?

You can read someone's text messages only by installing a trustworthy spy app. With a spy app like Xnspy, you can intercept and view the text messages of the device you want to monitor. The best part is, you don't have to access their phone. The only thing you must do is install the spy app on the device.

How can I get text messages without my phone?

Here we list 10 websites that offer a free SMS message receiving service which allows you to get text messages sent to you without using a real phone.

Top 10 Sites to Receive SMS Online without a Phone
  1. Sellaite SMS RECEIVER.
  2. FreePhoneNum.
  3. FreeTempSMS.
  4. SMS-Online.
  5. Twilio.
  6. Fakenum.
  7. Online-sms.
  8. Receive-SMS.

Can I view my Verizon text messages online?

From a web browser, sign in to My Verizon. From the My Verizon Home page, navigate: Account > Text online. If presented, review the Terms and Conditions then click Accept to continue. Click the desired conversation (on the left) to view messages.

How can I see texts on my husbands phone?

If your thoughts are already along the lines of “how to track my husband's phone,” then you can try a free phone tracker app like Easy Logger to remotely access text messages, app usage, call logs, and live location. Easy Logger is a free phone tracker app that does so much more than track messages and call logs.

How can I get a transcript of my text messages?

Request Text Transcripts
You can contact your phone company to try to obtain detailed logs of the texts you've exchanged. In some cases, such as when multiple people use the same phone, you may need a court order to access the information for privacy reasons.

How can I check my text messages without SIM card?

You just have to find the online websites offering the online phone number services to their users. In this way, you can easily be able to receive your SMS without using a phone or sim card. You just need an active internet connection along with a PC or mobile phone to surf that website.

How can I get text messages from another phone sent to mine?

How to Get Text Messages from Another Phone
  1. Visit the SpyBubble site and subscribe to the plan that suits your spying objectives.
  2. Download and install the application on the target phone.
  3. Sign in to the control panel, wait for it to sync, then go to messages on the dashboard.
  4. See all the sent and received messages.

Can I get my AT&T text messages online?

You can access your messages—and send or receive messages using your mobile number—two different ways: Log in to the AT&T Messages website at Download the AT&T Messages Android tablet app.

How do I get free texts on EE?

You'll get a text when it's time to choose your Free Boost and then you need to:
  1. text either BOOST DATA, BOOST MINS or BOOST TEXTS to 150 free from your EE phone.
  2. log in to My EE.
  3. look in the My EE app.

Does EE have online chat?

Chat is available on any non-Samsung Android device with software version 5.0 (Lollipop) and above. Samsung will be adding the feature soon, but you can also download the Google Message app from Google Play to enable the service.

What does EE mean in text?

EE Stands For:
Rank Abbreviation Meaning
**** EE Et Cetera, Et Cetera
**** EE Emergency Exit
*** EE Estoy Escuchando
*** EE Edward Elric

How do you check credit on EE phone?

To check your remaining allowances and credit, including minutes, texts and data, on your pay monthly, pay as you go or Flex plan account:
  1. log in to My EE.
  2. text BALANCE to 150 for free from your EE phone.

What does EE stand for?

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