Can I use a Cricket phone on T Mobile?

By: Myriam KaabarUpdated: April 16, 2021


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Because Cricket phones work on AT&T's GSM network, they are compatible with carrier's that operate on AT&T's and T-Mobile's GSM network. Having an unlocked phone does not mean that it will work with all of the features and services offered by the new carrier. Related: How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

Moreover, how do you flash a phone to cricket?

How to Flash a Verizon Phone to Cricket
  1. Go to and click on the icon that says "Coverage." Identify your geographical location to assure that you are in a Cricket coverage area.
  2. Type in the words "cricket phone flashing" in the Google search engine.
  3. Call all five authorized Cricket dealers to explain what you are trying to do.

Beside above, what phones are compatible with Cricket Wireless?

Cricket Compatible Phones
  • Sony Xperia XA2 Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.2" Screen - 32GB - Black (U.S. Warranty)
  • Sony Xperia L1 G3313 - 16GB 5.5" LTE QuadCore Factory Unlocked Smartphone - Black.
  • Sony Xperia XA2 H3123 LTE Factory Unlocked Phone - 5.2" Screen - 32GB - Black - International Version (Blue)

What's the unlock code for Cricket phones?

Select Get Code. Follow the prompts to receive your unlock code. You will then enter this code on your phone to unlock it. Non-Cricket customers, please call Customer Support at 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538).

How do I know if my phone is compatible with cricket?

How do I find my Device ID Number (IMEI)? To find your device ID number (IMEI), open your phone's keypad and dial *#06#. You should see a 15-digit number. If you don't see a 15-digit number, your phone is probably not compatible with Cricket.


Can I unlock my phone for free?

Yes, it is legal to unlock phones. More importantly, the FCC has mandated that all carriers should unlock phones for their consumers for free, if a consumer so desires. That said, you need to know whether your phone is eligible to be unlocked. The FCC isn't giving you a free pass to con the carriers.

Is cricket better than T Mobile?

AT&T—and, by extension, Cricket—boasts some of the best coverage in the country—third in territory covered behind Verizon and T-Mobile (a scant 1% behind the latter). If getting good cell phone service in more places is important to you, going with Cricket is a wise move indeed.

Does cricket lock their phones?

Some Android phones can ONLY be unlocked using the myCricket app. After this, your phone should be successfully unlocked—all you need to do is restart it to complete the process.

Will a cricket SIM card work in a Metro PCS phone?

Yes. All of them will work with varying degrees of coverage depending on radio bands included in each handset. It'll work. I unofficially tethered (with PDANet) on Cricket with an unlocked Metro phone; no problem.

Is my phone locked or unlocked?

Android: If you have an Android, go to Settings> Connections> Mobile Networks> Network Operators and see if other carriers will come up. If it shows a network, your phone might be unlocked, but this method is not fool-proof.

What carriers can I use my tmobile phone with?

T-mobile, AT&T and their affiliates use GSM, Verizon uses CDMA, and Sprint uses CDMA and iDen. Phones are tied not only to their network type, but to their carrier. i-Wireless is a T-mobile affiliate, so you won't be able to use your Verizon phone on the i-Wireless network.

What phones are compatible with tmobile?

Tmobile Compatible Phones
  • LG K30 – 16 GB – Unlocked (AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon) – Black – Prime Exclusive Phone.
  • Motorola Moto G (2nd generation) Unlocked Cellphone, 8GB, Black.
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime G532M - Single Sim - 4G LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone (Pink Gold)

Who can unlock my iPhone?

Only your carrier can unlock your iPhone. Contact your carrier and request an unlock. Your account might need to meet requirements for unlocking.

Can I just switch SIM cards between Cricket phones?

The fact that Cricket is a GSM network is really good news for you if you are looking to transfer the information or service from your old phone onto a new one. So, essentially, if you already have a phone on a GSM network, then you should be able to switch over your SIM card into another phone on a GSM network.

How do Cricket prepaid phones work?

Cricket Wireless is one of the major companies that offer no-contract prepaid wireless plans (also known as pay as you go plans). With Cricket Wireless plans, there are no data, texting, or calling overage charges. If you go over your data limit, data is not shut off; instead, speeds are reduced.

Can I trade in my Cricket phone for a new one?

Trade in Your Cricket Wireless Phone
If you're a new Cricket customer you can trade in your current phone and receive credit for a new device and/or accessories (in-store only). Your phone just needs to have a working screen and can turn on to be eligible to trade in.

Is cricket a GSM or CDMA?

Cricket runs a CDMA network, and AT&T runs a GSM network.

Do you need to activate an unlocked phone?

How to Activate an Unlocked Phone. If you do not like your service provider's selection and have purchased an unlocked phone -- or if you are canceling your current cell phone service and have unlocked the phone for use on other networks -- you will need to activate your phone for service on the new network.