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Can I pay rent a center online?

By: Leyla LeeUpdated: May 03, 2021


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Our customer service associates work with you to determine what payment frequency works best for your budget, and then you can choose from three ways to make your payment:** Pay online 24-7 with ePay, pay by phone, or pay in the store. Rent-A-Center has the items you need with the payment plan that works for you.

Also know, is Rent a Center and Aarons the same company?

Aaron's (NYSE:AAN) and Rent-A-Center (NASDAQ:RCII) operate in a consistent but uninspiring business. They both lease goods such as appliances, computers, furniture, and other accessories under rental agreements to customers.

Beside above, what can rent a center do to me?

Rent A Center can refuse your return if the merchandise is garbage and you will have to buy out your contract. Criminal charges will land you in jail. You will be charged with theft by deception which is a felony punishable with jail time, and can even be considered grand theft if fair market value exceeds $1000.

Does Rent A Center accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay: More brands like Rent-A-Center that do accept Apple Pay. Furniture retailer brands w/ Apple Pay.

What happens if you miss a payment at Rent A Center?

Unforeseen things happen, and Rent-A-Center understands. At any time, you can return your product and simply freeze your payments. Every payment you make at Rent-A-Center is fully protected. If you don't pay and you don't return the item, then the entire amount of the item becomes due, and is sent to collections.


Does Rent A Center do payment arrangements?

Customer must contact store and elect to use free time, but available free time will be applied automatically to avoid any late payment or fees. In the event of an emergency requiring the repair or replacement of an appliance, customers may contact their local store to make arrangements.

What is rent a center same as cash price?

The Same as Cash option gives you a certain time frame (generally between three and six months) to purchase your item at the lowest available price: the cash price. As long as your balance reaches zero within that time frame, that is all that you pay, and you own your item.

Does Rent A Center accept credit cards?

Easy Ways to Pay
Make payments anytime, anywhere! Call your RAC location and pay with Visa or MasterCard.

Does Rent A Center have a grace period?

If you miss a payment, late fees start to accrue after the first business day and will continue to accrue until you bring your account current; Rent-A-Center does not typically offer grace periods in its lease contracts.

Can you pay rent a center late?

If you ever need to make a late payment, simply contact the manager of your Rent A Center store on or before your scheduled renewal (payment) date - we'll be happy to work with you! At any time, you can contact your store to schedule a return of your product or return the merchandise in person and pause your payments.

Does Rent A Center do monthly payments?

Rent-A-Center offers four payment options: weekly, every two weeks (bi-weekly), twice a month (semi-monthly), and monthly. To make budgeting worry-free, you will be set up on the payment schedule that coincides with your payday.

Does Rent A Center rent air conditioners?

Rent-To-Own Appliances at Rent-A-Center
Rent-A-Center specializes in a robust lineup of traditional rental home appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, ranges, and freezers. We also offer specialty appliances, such as portable window air conditioners and dishwashers.

Does Rent A Center have vacuums?

Dyson Ball Multi-floor 2 Bagless Upright Vacuum. Same-Day Delivery at Rent-A-Center!

How long are rent a center contracts?

90 Days Same As Cash**
Own your item within three months and only pay the cash price.

Can you pay rent a center over the phone?

Our customer service associates work with you to determine what payment frequency works best for your budget, and then you can choose from three ways to make your payment:** Pay online 24-7 with ePay, pay by phone, or pay in the store.

Can you pay rent a center with cash?

If pay as you go isn't your style, you can also pay the cash price. Rent-A-Center is all about shopping choice, convenience, and quality, so take advantage of our flexible rent-to-own options today.

Does Rent A Center pay weekly or biweekly?

Is the pay weekly or every 2 weeks. Pay is Weekly.

How much are rent a center payments?

A national rent-to-own chain is currently offering consumers a deal — you can get a PS4 or Xbox One for 65 "worry free" payments of $19.99. That comes out to a total cash price of about $1,299. If that doesn't sound like such a great deal, it's because that's more than triple the $350 it would cost you at Best Buy.

Is Rent A Center?

Why Rent-to-Own Furniture is the Way to Go: At Rent-A-Center, we not only have the sizes and styles of furniture that you want, but we offer flexible payment options that fit right within your budget too. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payment plans and pick the date that works best for you.