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Can Baofeng talk to CB?

By: Stephen McinerneyUpdated: April 10, 2021


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    May 18, 2022
If your CB frequencies fall within the radio's transmit capabilities, then yes you can. On the other hand, many countries use the 11 metre band for CB radio, and your Baofeng can't transmit on that.

Likewise, how do you connect a walkie talkie to another walkie talkie?

How to start a Walkie-Talkie conversation
  1. Open the Walkie-Talkie app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Tap a friend.
  3. Touch and hold the talk button, then say something. If you see "connecting" on the screen, wait for Walkie-Talkie to connect. After Walkie-Talkie connects, your friend can hear your voice and talk with you instantly.

Similarly, are Baofeng radios being banned?

591 mean that all Baofeng UV-5R and UV-92 radios (which can transmit [on] FRS and GMRS frequencies) will become illegal to buy or sell in the U.S. after September 2019, even for amateur use? To which, Stone replied, No. Those devices to not have Part 95 certification, so they are not authorized for use in FRS or GMRS.

Can 2 different walkie talkies work together?

To get the walkie talkies to work together, they should be on the same frequency. If you are using GMRS/FRS two-way radio, then it should be able to work together because they all work on a range of frequency.

Why are Baofeng radios so cheap?

One of the reasons the Baofeng UV-5R radios may be so inexpensive is they are not aimed at a specific Niche, therefore they save money on big advertisements and promotions like the ham radio equipment manufacturers like Yaesu Icom and kenwood. They also do not test and advance any technology.


Can I use my Baofeng as walkie talkie?

In a technical sense, yes, as the radios are compatible to be used with walkie talkies if you type in the frequencies. However, they are not certified for use on FRS channels (aka walkie talkies). If you want to use a BaoFeng for it's intended use, you can study for your amateur radio license.

How far can a Baofeng reach?

The range of your receiver is a completely different thing. Your Baofeng UV-5R is a transceiver: that is, both a transmitter and a receiver. With a full battery and in full power mode, it will give you a range of about 10–20 km depending on obstacles.

Why are Baofeng radios being banned?

But if you follow the amateur radio news, the ARRL has recently reported that the FCC issued a Citation and Order for the Illegal Marketing info Unauthorized Radio Frequency Devices against Amcrest Industries LLC, the company the that imports Baofeng Radios into the US.

Do I need a license for Baofeng?

Though it is possible (technically, not legally) to use a Baofeng on FRS or MURS frequencies (which don't require a license), the Baofeng is not a compliant piece of equipment due to a number of features that are specifically prohibited by the FCC. Penalties can be in the 10's of thousands.

Is Baofeng a good brand?

Baofeng is a manufacturer based in China, unlike many of the other commercial amateur radio transceivers, which come from Japan (Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu and Alinco are all based there). Baofeng and other China based manufacturers are all priced well under any of the Japanese counterparts, which makes it nice price-wise.

Are Baofeng radios legal in the US?

Yes they can. The amateur radio service is regulated by FCC Part 97 rules and do not require a part 90 certified radio to operate on those bands. So you can use your older Baofeng UV5R and UV5RA radios on the 144-148 Mhz 2 meter band and 430-450 MHz 70cm bands without fear of being in violation.

Do I need a Licence for Baofeng UV 5r?

Technically, you need a license for all those services. However, CB, MURS, FRS are all "license by rule." Meaning, you are granted a license as long as you follow the rules. You don't have to submit an application or use a call sign for those services.

What is the best Baofeng radio to buy?

Our Top 15 Picks for the Best Baofeng Radio
  1. Baofeng UV-5R Dual Band Two-Way Radio (Black)
  2. Baofeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt Dual-Band Two-Way Radio.
  3. Baofeng BF-888S Two-Way Radio (Pack of 6pcs radios) - Customize Package.
  4. Baofeng Walkie-Talkie UV-5R Dual-Band Two-Way Radio.

How do you change the frequency on a walkie talkie?

Press and hold the large Push to Talk (PTT) and MON buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds while you turn the radio on. The radio will beep and display the letters PROG. The channel number will flash and the letters FREQ (frequency) and CODE will alternately flash on the display.

What happens if you use a ham radio without a license?

If you use a ham radio without a license, your radio will report you. Just kidding. Actually, you'll likely "report" yourself, because you worked at it hard enough to know what you were doing, you could have easily obtained the license.

Can ham radio pick up CB?

As you can probably see, it is illegal for a Ham to transmit on CB using a Ham Radio set - a radio used on CB MUST BE “Type Accepted” or “Product certification - Wikipedia” to be used on Citizen band, and must be unmodified, while Hams can use modified radios on the Ham bands.

What is TDR on Baofeng?

For UV-5R models built prior to 2014, when TDR (Menu7) was turned on, the radio would automatically switch the active Display to whichever frequency or channel's squelch was last broken by an incoming signal and when the PTT button was pressed, the radio would transmit on the frequency or channel of the last Display

How do I program my Baofeng UV 5r to my computer?

Click Go to Radio on the menu bar and choose Download From Radio. Choose the COM Port number for the USB cable, the Vendor (Baofeng) and the model of the radio (such as UV-5R) from the drop down lists in the pop-up box. Your radio should be connected to the computer and CHIRP should now be able to communicate with it.