Can an electric meter be moved outside?

By: Diego UribeUpdated: February 16, 2021


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If you are looking to move your meter from inside your property to a different wall or to an external outside position you will need to contact your local network who will relocate the incoming supply cable and main fuse. They will provide a quotation for the work required and offer a provisional date.

Similarly, you may ask, can an electrician move my electric meter?

Moving your gas and electric meters isn't something that everyone will have to do, but if you're struggling to read your meters or you're having any building work done, you will need to have your gas and electric meters professionally moved. You cannot move a gas or electric meter yourself as it is illegal.

Also Know, how do I get my electric meter moved?

Contact your supplier and tell them you want to have your meter moved. They'll tell you if they can do the work.

Check if your energy supplier can move your meter
  1. where your meter is now.
  2. how far you want to move it.
  3. the type of connector if it's a gas meter.
  4. why you want to move it.

How much does it cost to move an electric meter UK?

The average cost of moving an electric meter is around £200 - £800, dependant on the location of the meter. The engineers will carry out this work as a fixed, statutory job on behalf of the electricity board. As you may require the electricity company to send out an electrician you can expect to wait up to 6 weeks.

How much does it cost to move an electrical box?

Cost of Moving an Electrical Panel
Estimated rates for moving a panel from one area of the home to another range from $1,000 to $2,000. Actual costs can vary depending on several project factors. Whether the unit is indoors or outdoors.


How do I remove the electric meter from my house?

How to Remove an Electric Meter
  1. Contact the power utility company to set an appointment.
  2. Prepare the home for the removal of the electric power.
  3. Disconnect the high-voltage feed wire to the main transformer.
  4. Cut the thin security tag wire that holds the meter base closed.
  5. Open the meter base box and grasp the meter with two hands.

Can gas and electric meters be next to each other?

Electric meters
The National Electric Safety Code requires an unobstructed working space that extends from the floor or ground to a minimum height of 6 feet, 6 inches. We require a 3-foot minimum separation between natural gas and electric facilities.

How much does it cost to move a consumer unit?

The cost of moving a consumer unit is around £250 to £500. However, this may increase if you require an electrical installation condition report, as this normally costs around £100 to £300 depending on the size of your property.

Who pays for a replacement gas meter?

As the meter is the responsibility of British Gas, you should not be liable for any costs incurred due to maintenance, replacement or any excess charges caused by its faulty operation.

Is it easy to move a fuse box?

Yes its possible to have the fusebox moved! The level of complexity and cost will vary based on what route the cables can be run and if its a house or flat etc. The work must be carried out by a part P registered electrician as it comes under part P of the building regulations.

Where should gas meters be located UK?

the meter may be located inside the property. This is subject to a low pressure gas connection being available. When the meter is located inside, it should be located as close as possible to the gas entry point of the building.

Can a gas engineer move a meter?

gas engineers can do gas work up to the meter. the meter itself should not be moved as you suggest by any gas engineer or the general public.

Can British Gas move meters?

Only your current supplier can move your meter. This means if you want another supplier to do it you have to switch your supply to them first. This will change your prices for gas and electricity, so check that it's worth it overall before you switch. See our advice on getting the best deal by switching supplier.

Who is my current energy supplier?

Who is my electricity supplier? To find out a property's electricity supplier, contact your regional Distribution Network Operator (DNO), the company that owns and maintains the electricity grid in your area. Phone them and ask for their Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS).

What are smart meters?

Smart meters are a next generation meter for both gas and electricity. They are a replacement for standard meters, which require you to track your own meter readings and submit them to your supplier to ensure accurate bills. Smart meters also come with an in-home display.

What does gas meter look like?

Reading a gas meter is similar to reading a clock. Most gas meters will have four or five dials that look like clock faces. You will notice that some of the dials move clockwise while some move counterclockwise. They will all go in the direction of 0 to 9 though.

Can a gas meter be in a garage?

Gas meters can be installed in garages,but the incoming gas main to the meter must run underground external of the property then rise to a built in gas box or through the wall to the meter.

How often should a gas meter be replaced?

If your meter reaches the end of its certification period you should replace it, even if it's working normally. Each meter will have different certification restrictions, but generally induction meters should be changed every 20 years and static meters every 10.

How do I find out who owns my gas meter?

Who is my gas supplier? Or call 0870 608 1524 (this call will cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company´s access charge). The Administration Service can also give you your gas Meter Point Reference Number, or 'MPRN'. This tells your energy supplier where your meter is located.

Can a gas meter be inside the house UK?

Officially we don't recommend that you install our gas meters indoors. To minimize the risk, the compartment in which the gas meter is located should have free venting to outside air and be sealed from other indoor areas.

How do I move my gas meter UK?

If your energy supplier can't move your meter
You must contact your local electricity distributor and gas transporter to do the work. They'll usually charge at least £400 for the work, but it could be over £1,000 - it depends on how much work needs to be done.